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Deborah asked...

Balance problems

Hi - for 16 months now I have experienced feelings of off balance, that's the best way I can describe this, it is not every day and comes and goes but is very frequent, I have undergone some blood tests, checked blood pressure but nothing seems to have resulted in an answer to why I am experiencing this. I originally though it could be linked to hormones, I came off the pill after 20 years in July 2014 and the symptoms began in November 2014 but this was also following a spell of being unwell with flu like symptoms. I feel as I am not really getting anywhere as far as diagnosis is concerned and although I know this is very vague is there anything you can recommend?

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The answer

There is a possibility you may have developed labrynthitis with the viral infection in November 2014, which is inflammation of the inner ear canal. This can be triggered by a viral infection and affects your balance, it can initially cause extreme dizziness and nausea and occasionally vomiting due to the dizziness.

This can be intermittent once you have had the initial episode and can be treated with oral medication when an episode strikes. If your doctor has not assessed you for inner ear issues or referred you to an ENT specialist we would suggest you discuss this with your doctor.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses

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