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Nicole asked...

Bad back pain

My husband suffers from severe back pain only when in certain positions, mainly laying on a bed, he can sleep on the sofa, but laying down in a flat or straight position causes severe pain. He has paid for a private MRI scan 5 months ago, but sadly the GP didn't write the correct part of his spine down to be scanned so it came back with no issues. When my husband went back to explain this to his GP he replied to my husband and said it was muscular and that he should take painkillers. My husband believes it might be a disc pushing onto his nerve as he can move around fine in the day, just can't get any good sleep at night. Can you advise what we should do next or what we should ask our GP next? We are privately insured with AXA PPP but his back was scanned before we insured ourselves, so that might be excluded from our cover, although nothing was diagnosed.

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The answer

We appreciate the level of frustration that you are both currently experiencing with this pain and the exact diagnosis that you feel you require. In this instance you should contact your Personal Advisory Team; to confirm whether you would be covered for an orthopaedic or neurologists consultation and associated scanning.

If you are not covered by your policy for a specialists consultation, then you will need to persist with your general practitioner for a review within the National Health Service. An MRI scan in the right location on the back will in most cases pinpoint the problem, but it may not change the management of the problem. Back surgery is only undertaken as a last resort. We would suggest a review with a physiotherapist who has a specialist interest in back problems, as these health care professionals may provide a greater analysis and explanation of spine related problems.

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