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Back pain relief

My partner has back pain which is worse at night, she saw the GP today who gave her co-codamol. Can you advise any other way to relieve the pain and when she should escalate if it doesn't get better? The pain has been there for three weeks. She has a slight lump in her back after doing some DIY.

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The answer

It may be possible that some further analgesics might be helpful for her back pain however, as her GP has given her cocodamol in the first place, it would be sensible to allow these a few days to see if they help.

Depending on the nature of the problem it is also possible that some physiotherapy could be helpful, some people also find use of a heat pad or Ice pack around the affected area can help relieve the pain. Kinds of treatments for back pain generally consist of a mixture of gentle exercise (physiotherapy) rest and adequate pain relief including a low dose muscle relaxant if indicated. However, without a diagnosis it is not possible to be more specific as treatment will vary according to the cause.

If your partner finds that despite pain medication she is still experiencing a high level of pain or if any of her symptoms start to worsen it would be wise to make another appointment with your GP to assess her again.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses

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