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Charmain asked...

Tags: allergy , asthma , skin

My husband (50) developed a skin rash about 2 weeks ago. It's mainly on his legs, arms and top part of his chest and is very itchy.

He is also complaining about mild muscle ache. His face became very swollen about three days ago, particularly around his eyes where it is very puffy and red. His earlobes are also swollen and peeling.

He doesn't have fever, his tongue appears normal and he can bend his head forward. His on chronic medicine for asthma. We've been using Calamine lotion for the itching. What can this be? Should he see a doctor?

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The Answer

There are a number of medical conditions these symptoms could be related to, ranging from something as simple as stress, to a more complex autoimmune disorder or possibly an allergy.

Seeing your doctor is the first step to getting an answer and they may want to carry out some blood tests to rule out any underlying conditions or make a referral to a specialist for further investigation.

Answered by Health at Hand nurses.


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