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Ian asked...

Tags: allergy , itching , skin

Since march this year I have been suffering with excessive itching of the skin mainly legs ankles,waist and arms - this has produced "spots" to the legs and ankles - excessive clusters of skin rash to the upper thigh and groin areas -I have been to my G.P eight times and am waiting for an appointment with a dermatologist, any idea what the condition is?

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The Answer

This is a common cause of an excessively itchy rash that can sometimes be overlooked. The itching is often worse at night time. It can be treated very easily and quickly with two applications of a special lotion.

If you have not had treatment for scabies already, it may be worth trying the treatment. It will not do any harm and maybe the answer. Failing that (and without seeing the rash myself) the next step is to see a dermatologist for help with the diagnosis.
Answered by Dr Emmajane Down.


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