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Kate asked...

I was bitten just above the ankle.

Tags: Allergy

I was bitten just above the ankle three springs ago by what may have been a Blandford fly. My leg swelled up and I was left with a brown discolouration.

A year ago I started doing a pilgrimage in France and Spain which entailed walking 25km average a day. I have since been diagnosed with exercise induced Vasculitis. Yesterday after a walk the bite area was bright red after a 2 hour walk, coincidence or is there a connection?

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The answer

Exercise induced vasculitis (EIV) causes a red rash on the lower legs after a long walk. The rash can itch or burn. It mainly affects women and occurs after walking (or long distance running) in hot weather. It fades on its own after a few days and as a result is often left undiagnosed. It can be linked to other auto-immune diseases but most cases have been linked to otherwise healthy individuals.

The area of skin that was bitten has been left slightly damaged and discoloured. I am not surprised that this area would again be targeted by the rash of the EIV. If the rash does not settle then show it to the doctor again.

Answered by Dr Emmajane Down.


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