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Urine test for catecholamines

I have to do a 24 urine test for catecholamines. I have LBBB,tachycardia,hypertension and have now an underactive thyroid so why do I have to have this test? I went to the toilet at 7 am then did not go till 5 .05 pm and have not been since, so there is very little urine, will they still test it?

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The answer

Although you have listed some of your past medical history, unfortunately you do not explain the symptoms you presented with to your doctor for us to have a clear idea of why you are having a 24 hour urine collection. May we suggest that you speak to the doctor who has arranged for you to have this test, they should be able to answer your questions as they will know your medical history.

If you started collecting your urine at 07.00 you have until 07.00 tomorrow morning, drink plenty of fluids and that should increase your urine output.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses  

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