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Zoe asked...

I twisted my neck 3yrs ago while on holiday.

I'm a 27 year old female. I twisted my neck 3yrs ago while on holiday. It left me unable to move for approx 3 days.

I still get cramps at times that are very painful that start at my shoulder and radiate up towards my head. Is this something I should see my GP about or could a physio help me in your opinion?

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The answer

Dear Zoe,

The neck cramp/spasms you describe may be related to your neck injury. This is suggestive of pressure on the nerve in the neck or the vertebral disc being slightly out of place. This can trigger muscle spasms in the neck area.

I do suggest you see your GP and discuss having your neck scanned to rule this out. Your GP can refer you to a physiotherapist if needed. I would suggest you be examined by your GP prior to any physiotherapy. Hope this information will help.

Answered by Health at Hand nurses.

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