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Key issues affecting business

    • Why businesses like yours are sharpening their focus on health and wellbeing

      It has been a turbulent time for healthcare in the last few years. Recent years have seen significant changes in public health provision, legislation, consumer awareness and public health itself, all of which add up to new concerns – and responsibilities – for large employers. This is why many large employers are taking a new look at their employee health and wellbeing programmes to ensure that they are meeting their duty of care and protecting themselves fully from the risks of long-term absence and employee litigation. We’ve been taking a long look at the issues affecting industry too. Here are just a few of the factors that we know are impacting large employers at the moment:

      • A new attitude to state-funded healthcare – The next few years could see big changes to the healthcare support available from the NHS. We’ve already seen the impact of some of the cuts, and more may come, that could affect services such as support for long-term conditions and physiotherapy. Increasingly, employers are being asked to fill in the gaps.
      • Greater focus on employee health and wellbeing in the boardroom – In response to the changes in healthcare provision in the UK, employee health and wellbeing is fast becoming a hotly discussed topic in many boardrooms.
      • An older workforce, with potentially more chronic illness – Medicine can keep people alive and able to work for longer than ever before. Combined with the removal of the state retirement age, this means large employers will need to focus more on supporting more employees with long-term health conditions.
      • The aware employee – The modern employee can easily find out the full extent of their employment rights, compare their benefits and rights with other employees, and, if they are unhappy, find a lawyer to help them litigate. So a modern employer needs to find fail-safe ways to help them manage and mitigate their risk.

      We’ve been studying these new developments in the industry in depth, and we’ve refreshed and redeveloped our Employee Assistance Programme and Occupational Health services in response.

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