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    • Employee Assistance Programmes and psychological health:


      What is it?

      Psychological illness is now the number one cause of absence in the UK, with one in every four workers experiencing depression, anxiety, or stress at any one time. It’s a problem businesses simply can’t afford to ignore.

      Yet many businesses adopt a blinkered approach, regarding Employee Assistance Programmes simply as a tick box exercise. Psychological health issues remain taboo, and employees are often unaware of the support available to them.

      If employees fail to receive the expert clinical support they need, their productivity and performance may suffer, with an inevitable effect on your bottom line.

      We recognise that for you to benefit from a productive and healthy workforce, your employees need to have fast access to appropriate support when life becomes challenging. The faster they get the support, the faster they can be back to their best performance at work. So our accessible, clinically-led, carefully tailored and well-promoted Employee Assistance Programmes genuinely and effectively tackle psychological health – with measurable results. That’s why we offer a suite of contemporary solutions, including:

      • Unlimited telephone support as clinically appropriate (counselling, LifeManagement™ and Health at Hand)
      • 24/7 medical information and support available through Health @ Hand
      • LifeManagement™ support including online access for information on a range of ‘everyday’ issues (financial, legal, consumer, family care, housing)
      • Face to face counselling sessions as clinically appropriate. All face to face and complex cases are assessed and treatment directed by a psychologist
      • Counselling via email - secure and confidential
      • An extensive range of promotional materials to encourage employee engagement
      • Expert psychological health services through:
        - FirstCall – non-contractual support. Cost effective, easily accessible counselling services available at any time to any organisation, whatever its size and location.
        - CrisisCall – expert and immediate psychological services to organisations, teams and individuals preparing for and recovering from crises. Including ad hoc and contractual services.

      To find out more about our range of bespoke Employee Assistance and psychological health programmes, please call us on 0141 553 5000 or let us call you back.

      Why is it important?

      Why an Employee Assistance Programme makes business sense

      Our contemporary, psychological health solutions are genuinely tailored to focus on your specific business needs, and will work alongside any existing health and wellbeing plans you have in place. An Employee Assistance Programme is essential back up for your business. It can help you:

      • Meet your duty of care obligations – You’ll be well aware of your statutory duty of care for your employees’ wellbeing and safety – and so will your employees. Our well-run, robustly measured Employee Assistance Programmes will give you tangible proof that you’re taking that duty seriously, and will help reduce your risk of litigation.
      • Safeguard your business – Psychological issues are one of the top reasons for long-term employee absence. Our psychologist-led counselling services can help you to manage stress in the workplace, protect your employees and help to safeguard your business against sickness absence, reduce productivity and insurance related costs.
      • Keep your business running smoothly – When employees and employers face up to psychological health issues early, they can be resolved early. Our service is clinically-led, with psychological needs practitioners who can offer an immediate clinical assessment, meaning we can provide the most appropriate, expert treatment straight away. When your employees get the treatment they need faster, they can be back to full strength faster too.
      • Employer of choice – In a competitive market, a trusted Employee Assistance Programme is a much-valued addition to employees’ benefits, that can help you to attract and retain the best people. We focus on promoting the service throughout your organisation, increasing employee loyalty and ensuring your scheme delivers maximum value for money.

      AXA PPP healthcare have a wealth of experience in developing successful, tailored Employee Assistance Programmes. Read on to find out how our Employee Assistance Programmes stand out from the competition.

      Why AXA PPP healthcare?

      Effective, contemporary Employee Assistance Programmes

      Effective, contemporary Employee Assistance Programmes from AXA PPP healthcare As one of the UK’s leading Employee Assistance Programme providers, AXA PPP healthcare tailors its solution to fit any kind of business. Here are some of the features we offer:

      • All telephones are answered by a counsellor, ensuring immediate clinical support with unlimited access, 24 hours a day
      • More serious cases are escalated to our in-house team of psychologists.
      • Our counselling service is supported by a 24/7 clinical service line staffed by nurses and pharmacists to provide immediate medical guidance.
      • LifeManagement™ services – Easy access to information on everything from coping with debt to relationship issues – the perfect complement to our medical and counselling services.
      • Online solutions – We offer secure, confidential counselling via email that employees can access at a time that suits them. We also have a wealth of up-to-date online tools, information and guidance.
      • Robust management information – careful, tailored measurement of every element of your programme to ensure your business receives the best possible health outcome.
      • Comprehensive engagement with your employees – There’s no point in having an Employee Assistance Programme unless your employees know how to use it effectively, so our ongoing engagement package will give you plenty of simple, compelling, tailored promotional information and tools.
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