Why does the menopause cause palpitations?

Why does the menopause cause palpitations? Are there natural methods that can eliviate this?

13 March 2012

Night sweats and palpitations are common symptoms during the menopause and are often most prominent during the first few months. Palpitations are described as sudden racing of the heartbeat, a flutter or a jumping feeling within the chest and are thought to be caused by an alternation in the hormonal levels of oestrogen and progesterone that occur during the menopause. There are a variety of natural remedies aimed to reduce menopausal symptoms such as soya based products which have a weak oestrogenic-like action, black cohosh and red clover to name a few. It is wise not to assume that the palpitations are just menopause related, so I would advise getting checked out by your doctor.

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