I have a tilted cervix.

I just had my first smear test and I was told (casually) my cervix was tilted. I googled it when I got home (as you do!) and looked at the possible symptoms it might cause.

I've experienced lower back pain since at least my early teens, particularly (but not limited to) after longish periods of standing, do you think this could be the reason? If so, is it worth investigating and how would I find out for sure?

1 June 2014

A tilted cervix in most cases is of genetic origin and is perfectly normal; however other factors may have caused the condition. It may cause back pain however in general it does not pose any medical issues unless you have other symptoms such as pain on intercourse or pain during menstruation.

A further examination by a gynaecologist would confirm any other underlying causes of your initial problem.

Treatment options are using a ring pessary to support the uterus and reposition the cervix, pelvic floor exercises also can improve internal positioning of the uterus.

Answered by Health at Hand nurses.


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