I was diagnosed with a 6cm ovarian cyst

I was diagnosed with a 6cm ovarian cyst back in December last year. This was to be removed once I had my surgery on my bowel due to Diverticular. I ended up having part of my bowel removed and reconnected but my ovary remained. I had another scan in March due to pain on my left side, this ended up showing a ovarian cyst again measuring 3.3cm. I then had another scan in June which resulted in the cyst being 5cm. I have just had yet another scan which shows the cyst is 3cm but now has blood going into it. I believe they said vascular. All in all it is the same cyst but why has it now got blood going to it, what does this mean? Does that now mean that it should be removed? I have been told that they would remove both ovaries and the tubes but this was supposed to have happened in December.

29 July 2015

Ovarian cysts are known to change size either leaking or rupturing and reforming,  or the fluid being reabsorbed. Usually causing little discomfort as mostly contain clear fluid , this may cause some localised irritation. Blood can also leak into the cyst, this is not unusual,  usually from the ovary as this is normally where the cyst gets it’s blood supply from. Some cysts can develop their own blood supply and this may indicate changes in the cyst. Your doctor usually will consider removal of cyst if this happens as this can lead to thickening of the cyst wall and changes to the fluid within the cyst and possibly cancerous changes. It is good that you have had the cyst monitored regularly.  I would suggest follow up with your consultant re plan of treatment for this. Hopefully this will help you,

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses  

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