I had a red mark appear on my right breast

I had a red mark appear on my right breast that looked a bit like a burn with a watery small blister about three months ago and although the blister has disappeared its still a bit rogh and still there. It's not painful but I wondered if it could be anything sinister. I do not like to take up a doctors time with something so trivial when people who are really suffering find it difficult to get an appointment.

1 April 2013

The fact that the mark has become less obvious is reassuring, but I would still strongly advise you to get it checked out. The skin of the breast is just as prone as other parts of the body to common dry skin conditions like eczema and dermatitis. However, skin changes can sometimes be a sign of breast cancer, so it’s always better to be safe. One of the changes is called ‘peau d’orange’ – the skin of the breast becomes dimpled, a bit like orange peel. Another is eczema affecting the nipple or the area close to the nipple. Your GP may well be able to reassure you simply by seeing you and examining both the mark and the rest of your breasts. If she has any concerns, she can refer you for further tests with a breast surgeon to rule out any more serious underlying cause.

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