Fibroid surgery

I had an open surgery to take a fibroid out 8 years ago. The fibroid was quite big and therefore I had a blood transfusion and stayed in the hospital for 5 days due to the low level of iron rate. Now I have got another fibroid (not confirmed yet) which is growing bigger and causing all sorts of general problems. My iron level has been low so now I am on the tablet. I would like to know the rump I have is not the tumour or anything else. Am waiting for the scan appointment for two weeks but haven't heard any yet. When I saw the gynaecologist in Oct 2015 he said my womb was 8times bigger than usual. And it has gotten bigger since. Is there any service I can get from you to find out what it is, etc

18 April 2016

Fibroids are a relatively common issue and even if they are surgically removed you can develop more. Low iron levels are a common side effect of having fibroids due to increased blood loss with menses. So it is good that this is being managed. There is no way to know if this lump is another fibroid or if it is something else without further investigations. If you have private medical insurance you can check with your claims team if they will cover referral to a private specialist to take over your care.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses

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