Endometriosis and breathlessness

My wife had a laparoscopy 4 weeks ago during which they discovered endometriosis (as suspected) - there are 3 "nodules" that need treating so she is due to see a specialist in a few weeks who will talk us through the options. However, since the surgery she has been experiencing some breathlessness, even if she talks for too long, and I was wondering if this is normal and maybe something to do with the surgery (i.e. the use of gas to inflate the stomach during the procedure) or whether it's something that should be investigated further? Also she still experiences pain in her stomach but we assume that's just part of the normal recovery...anyway, any thoughts on this would be appreciated. Thank you.

5 September 2016

We are sorry to hear of the discomfort your partner is experiencing post Laparoscopy. There are two symptoms that you have queried: Breathlessness and Abdominal Pain.

The breathlessness that you describe could be due to a variety of causes and the best course of action would be to return to your Consultant/Surgeon, as soon as you can, to discuss possible causes.

In regards to the abdominal pain your wife is still experiencing after a month, this is not normally due to the recovery process following a Laparoscopy, as the healing process with Keyhole surgery is less traumatic for the human body (smaller incisions, etc.) than normal surgery and so there is usually less pain and quicker healing. Therefore we would suggest that your wife also discusses this issue with either her Consultant or GP.

Further information on Endometriosis & Laparoscopy procedures can be found on:

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses  

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