Calcium tablets

I have recently been taken off risedronate (to prevent osteoporosis and prescribed Adcal-D3. Apart from the fact that I don't seem to be able to take the tablets within 2 hours of eating as most foods seem to contain oxalic acid, phosphate or phytic acid, I also take lansoprazole half an hour before breakfast and sometimes need to take gaviscon before I go to bed. My question is when can I actually take these calcium tablets?

12 October 2015

Adcal D3 Can be taken in the morning and the evening and it should not be taken within 2 hours of eating foods rich in oxalic acid (e.g. spinach and rhubarb), phosphate (e.g. bran), or phytic acid (e.g. whole cereals)

According to manufacturer’s literature there is no significant interaction between lansoprazole, Gaviscon and Adcal D3. This in turn means that you may be able to take the Adcal D3 before the lansoprazole or in a time to be able to achieve the 2 hour gap between the Adcal D3 and interacting food groups. Similarly it is okay to take the Adcal D3 in the evening 2 hours following dinner / ingestion of interacting food groups. If in doubt, it would be prudent to check with GP prior to starting your treatment.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses  

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