Blood protein in urine

I was seen my GP this week for nausea, pain in my right side lower quadrant and a general feeling of being unwell with tiredness & dizzy spells. The Gp took a urine sample and found some blood in my urine, they isssied me with 7days antibiotics for a UTI however said to be on alert as it could be my appendix. It's now Sunday and I am still in pain with a lot of pain in my lower back, like an aching feeling. I have been to see an out of hours Gp who have said perhaps an ultrasound would be of use as he carried out a urine test and found blood and protein but didn't believe there was an infection. Any advice on what other areas require investigation. Feeling really fed up. Thank you

23 January 2017

Thank you for your question.

We are sorry that you are feeling unwell and can understand your concern. It is not normal for traces of blood or protein to be present in your urine and when detected through urine test further investigations and or treatment is required.

We would suggest that you go back to your GP as a urine sample may need to be sent to microbiology to confirm if you have a urine infection and if you have that you have been prescribed the correct antibiotics.

Protein in your urine can be a sign of kidney problems. kidney infections and kidney stones can cause abdominal and back pain and would need to be further investigated. Treating the protein in your urine depends on identifying the cause a simple blood test and if required an ultra sound to check that your kidneys are working.

In mild or temporary cases, no treatment is necessary.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses

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