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    As the darker evenings and colder weather set in, it is important to keep safe and healthy during the festive winter season.

    Here you’ll find useful advice on how to cope with aches and pains brought on by the drop in temperature, quick-fix solutions to help brighten your mood through these long, dark nights and plenty of delicious, heart-warming recipes to stave off a winter cold.

    If you have a question about your winter wellbeing ask our nurses on the Ask The Experts page through our ask the expert service. Our service is for both members and non-members. 


    •  family matters dinner

      Family matters

      What are the best ways to stay positive and stress-free when it’s cold outside and everyone is cooped up indoors?

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    •  Mange your money this winter

      Managing your money

      It’s all too easy to let spending get out of control at Christmas. If you’re now feeling the pinch, follow our budgeting and coping tips.

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    •  winter-exercise

      Stay healthy & enjoy yourself

      When it’s cold outside it can be challenging to keep up with an exercise regime. Follow our tips on how to keep motivated to stay fit.

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    •  stay safe in winter

      Stay safe & keep warm

      Dark nights and cold weather don't just create cosy, curling-up-on-the-sofa opportunities - they can pose real threats to your health...

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Staying healthy this winter

Stay healthy and enjoy yourself this winter...

Staying safe and keeping warm

Dark nights and cold weather can have a detrimental effect on your mood.

Family matters and support

How can you stay stress-free this winter?

Managing your money

It's all too easy to let costs spiral out of control...

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