What can be done about my cyst?

Hi, I have been diagnosed with a Very large 17mm Peneal cyst in my brain; I have been experiencing prolonged headaches not necessarily severe but just a pressure ache behind my eyes. I have undergone a further scan to inform if it has changed or grown in the last year, but if it has what can be done? I don't want to keep reading horror stories on Google and although I am awaiting a neurologist appointment this could be a number of weeks away yet. It’s getting to me a little. I would appreciate some advice on how I can control the headaches. Thank you.

4 March 2014

I’m sorry to hear about the problems you’re having. Pineal cysts are usually very slow growing and generally speaking will only require monitoring with no intervention. However, in cases such as yours where the cyst is large and causing symptoms surgical intervention can be made to successfully treat this. Depending on the size and actual location of the cyst in relation to the pineal gland, resection (surgical removal of as much of the tissue as appropriate) or complete removal of the cyst may be performed. Your neurologist will be able to discuss this in more detail with you and whether or not it is required in your case.

In terms of the headaches you are experiencing although you do not mention what you are currently taking there are several medications that could help alleviate the pain. Please do discuss this with your Gp as they may be able to prescribe a more effective pain killing regime. The neurologist will be in a good position to prescribe for you also so it would be wise to bring the headaches to his attention, he will have experience in treating the headaches caused by these cysts. Fluid build up due to the cyst can be a common reason for the headaches to occur and again your neurologist in discussion with yourself can plan the best way to proceed in the management of the pain and the cause.

I do hope this information will be of use and all the very best for your appointment.

Answered by our Health at Hand nurses

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