Biting my cheek whilst sleeping

Hi, for the last few months I've had spells of biting my tongue or cheek whilst sleeping. This usually happens just after I've fallen asleep. It mainly happens on the left side of my mouth. The pain is not severe, just enough to wake me and it is less of a problem at night than if I nap in the chair during the day. I'm not losing sleep because of it as far as I know. I wondered if I should be concerned? Could it be connected with snoring? Would it be something to see the dentist or my doctor about? I'm 62 years of age and in good health generally. Thanks.

30 November 2015

Tongue biting during sleep can be for the same reasons as during the day. It could happen by accident as during the day however it could also be for a mixture of other reasons which would potentially need to be investigated by your General Practitioner. To speculate what happens during your sleep time would be inaccurate and not something we can do at this stage but certainly worth discussing with your General Practitioner. The dentist is unlikely to be able to help you with this unless you have any outstanding dental issues such as; sharp teeth, cracked or chipped teeth or loose teeth which may be contributing to your problem.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses  

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