ASMR - Autonomous sensory meridian response

26 July 2017

woman sleeping on a bed

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ASMR (Autonomous sensory meridian response) is an incredibly popular YouTube phenomenon. ASMR YouTubers (ASMRtists) create videos of closely mic’d sounds using specialist equipment that stimulates a tingly/relaxing sensation in some people. The sensation usually triggers at the crown of the head and then would spread further through the head, back and other limbs.

Although it may initially seem odd, ASMR is incredibly popular, with videos frequently getting millions of organic views and ASMRtists accruing subscriber numbers of up to 900,000. 

It can be an intensely relaxing feeling and can be used as one of life's everyday solutions to relieving stress, help with insomnia by inducing sleep maintaining general health and well being.

In conjunction with YouTuber WhispersRed, AXA PPP healthcare has the pleasure of sharing this unique and one of kind audioscape, called “Get to sleep using ASMR”.

Sit back, relax and hopefully we can aid you to sleep.

It’s important to listen using headphones with the sound turned up.


Here is an audio only version of the same track if you prefer without the visuals:


ASMR infographic