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Do you have a sleep clinic. How do I get good advice to improve sleeping. Get around 5 hours, need 8 hours! What sleep therapies can you recommend?

1 January 0001

AXA does not have or run any sleep clinics. Access to this type of facility would have to be discussed with your claims team. If you have noticed problems with your sleep pattern such as difficulty getting to sleep, waking frequently overnight or not feeling rested after sleep I would suggest you talk to your GP as you may need assessment to locate the cause of the problem and be referred for testing.

We do need less sleep as we age, but other factors can affect how long we sleep and the quality of our sleep. The primary condition that will need to be ruled out is sleep apnoea as this needs specific treatment.

Other ways to improve your sleep pattern include cutting out caffeine in the afternoon as well as avoiding heavy meals late in the day, nicotine, alcohol and exercise late in the day, setting regular times for going to bed and waking may help, taking time to relax before bed can help also and removing all electronic devices from your bedroom is also recommended.

Darkening the room, ensuring quiet and cooling the temperature in the room may also help with your sleep pattern, it is also suggested that you avoid sleeping during the day as this can impact on quality of sleep at night. So I would suggest talking to your GP to help identify the cause of your sleep issue as this will lead to appropriate treatment.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses

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