Trouble burping

Sometimes I have trouble burping when I need to (e.g. when I feel there is wind). I try to force the burp out and sometimes this is effective, other times not. It can feel like a struggle to burp when I need to. I wonder if this is a case of acid reflux - or too much acid in my stomach, perhaps related to too much coffee consumption? Please can you advise me on this.

3 March 2016

You could be suffering with indigestion and this can present as feeling the need to burp, experience nausea and acid reflux. Indigestion can particularly be triggered by the eating of rich, oily, fatty and spicy foods as well as by caffeine and alcohol. It might be a good idea to look at your diet and see if there are certain foods which cause you to experience these feelings and to reduce the intake of these substances.

Certain foods which are known to cause issues with digestion are those in the onion and garlic family, cabbages and green vegetables, mushrooms and dairy products. These can cause bloating and gas because of the way they are broken down and often cause an element of fermentation to occur in the bowel.

There is also a possibility that you might have a hiatus hernia or gastroesophageal reflux disease which can cause acid reflux and indigestion as a result of a weakness of the stomach and muscles. This can be investigated and treated with tablets to alleviate the acidity within the stomach.

We would suggest that if the symptoms persist particularly with you making some adaptations to your diet, alcohol and caffeine consumption and also monitoring your weight, that you make an appointment with your GP.

Your GP will be able to assess you for any causative factors for making you feel unwell in this way and prescribe any medications or treatments that may help.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses

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