Treatment options for hyperhidrosis

What are the options for treatment for hyperhidrosis? I have had botox but need something long term. What are your suggestions please.

21 December 2015

Botox is in fact one of the newer therapies now offered to treat hyperhidrosis, currently there is no permanent cure as such and treatment is aimed at managing the symptoms over the longer term.

It might be worth bearing in mind that some people do find that over time there hyperhidrosis naturally reduces in frequency and amount in addition. There is one other therapy that is sometimes offered called Iontophoresis, this is where a weak electric current is passed through water to the affected areas and it is thought to help block the sweat glands and thus reduce the extent of sweating being experienced.

There are also a variety of lifestyle changes which are thought might be helpful which you may or may not have tried, these include reducing spicy food and alcohol intake, avoiding stress, not wearing nylon clothing just as a few examples. There are also oral medications which are sometimes given as well.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses  

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