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Ella asked...

I have noticed a small lump behind my ear about the size of a small bouncy ball that you get from one of those machines at the mall. I'm quite worried. I have had one before in front of my ear but it was smaller than a pea. It doesn't hurt when I touch or move it but it's giving me a headache and dizziness. The other day I fainted for personal reasons, but doesn't happen often just when I get jabs or blood tests. I hit my head on the concrete side of a poll on the same side as the lump 3 days ago. I'm super scared and when do you think it will go away and should I see a doctor?

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The Answer

There are several reasons why a lump may have formed behind your ear and a good examination by your Dr should soon be able to determine the cause. The types of ‘lumps’ that can form here include ‘lipomas’ these are fatty lumps and completely benign, usually they are soft to the touch and mobile under your fingers when you touch them, Small cysts can also form and be painless initially and its possible that one of your glands may be swollen.

Under the circumstances it would seem prudent to make an appointment with your GP, they will be able to both look at this for you and give you a diagnosis. Whilst it is likely to be entirely benign it is always better to ask a doctor to examine any abnormal lumps we develop to receive any treatment that might be required if necessary.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses  

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