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Welcome to the sleep centre

  • Sleep centre

    Welcome to the sleep centre

    When we sleep well we don’t really give it a second thought.

    But for some, sleep is more and more on our mind. According to trends, we are searching for answers to this crucial topic more than ever before.

    Here at the AXA PPP healthcare sleep centre we are here to give help and guidance, but also provide some stimulus that might just help you to nod off that bit easier.

    • Have you heard of ASMR?

      Have you heard of ASMR?

      One new technique that many people are using to help them get to sleep is ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response). You may be surprised by just how many views ASMR videos already get on YouTube!

      We've collaborated with YouTuber WhispersRed to create our very own track, creating a new night sound that can induce relaxation, aiding in longer sleep duration and healthier sleep patterns.