I've got some spots just below my knuckles?

I've got some spots just below the knuckles on my right hand (the only place they are) which I've had for a while. They are about 2mm across, are slightly raised but not much.

8 November 2011

There are quite a number of possible causes of raised spots on the fingers.  Forms of eczema eg. pompholyx or dyshidrotic dermatitis can produce small fluid filled lumps commonly seen on the sides of the fingers. Nobody knows exactly what causes this but stress, general exhaustion or recent infection can be triggers. Another possibility is herpetic whitlows, which are small fluid filled blisters on the skin. Other potential diagnoses include fungal infections or scabies.  It is very difficult to make an accurate diagnosis without more information and actually seeing the affected skin so I would recommend you see your GP for an assessment.

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