Itchy palms and fingers

Hello, I have suddenly developed really itchy palms and fingers. My dog is also scratching a lot and have given him flea treatments and he is not responding so I wonder if we have something else. Fingers get tiny raised bumps but not spots, per se. Do you have any idea what this might be?

16 January 2017

The type of itching you describe could be attributed to several causes and may or may not be related to what is also causing your dog to itch.

You may have a form of contact dermatitis or a mild form of eczema on your hands and fingers which your Gp should quickly be able to diagnose and treat for you. It is less likely to be caused by fleas due to the nature of the rash you have and the localised nature of it to your fingers and palms.

You haven’t mentioned the type of flea treatment used for your dog but possibly you may be sensitive to its ingredients if you noticed this rash and itching after you had applied it. Equally, your dog may or may not have an allergy either to fleas or some other substance it is being exposed to.

In the circumstances the best of course of action would be to see your GP regarding the rash on your palms on fingers, they will be able to both diagnose and treat this for you and I suggest an early visit to the Vet for your dog where they will examine the skin and fur and be able to prescribe accordingly. This does seem to be the best course of action which I’m sure will leave both you and your dog feeling a lot more comfortable. Best of luck with this and if you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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