What causes irritating itchy skin?

What causes irritating itchy skin?

5 March 2017

Hello, there are several reasons why skin can become irritated and itchy, some of the most common are skin conditions such as eczema or dermatitis, allergic reactions known as contact dermatitis where an outside allergen has come into contact with the skin, often these can be caused by various soap powders, liquids and shampoos just as a few examples and also from an internal allergy such as reaction to foods that have been ingested or medications being taken. You can read more about the causes of skin itching and irritation here and the ways in which these can be treated:

Itching - NHS

If you continue to experience irritation and itching of your skin it would be sensible to see your Dr to discuss this as they should be able to both diagnose the cause and treat this for you. In the meantime you may find it helpful to try to avoid using biological soap powders, perfumed soaps talcs and washes, and to try wearing clothes made of natural fibres such as cotton.

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