I developed a small pea sized abscess in my groin

Hi, I developed a small pea sized abscess in my groin in November 2011. This was removed as an emergency procedure when the abscess started to grow dramatically in December and was not responding to antibiotics. The wound was packed and took several months to heal. By June 2012 the abscess had re-grown and was removed under AXA by a surgeon. Between August and December, the little lump would reappear and occasionally burst out of one end of the wound. More doses of antibiotics and rest did not help the situation. This happened every 2–4 weeks. I kept a log but could not establish any reasoning. In early February the surgeon carried out another operation. This time the wound was stitched. After 10 days the wound popped open and I went back to the hospital. The surgeon took a look and it was decided that no action was required. It healed up again. However when I went in to have the stitches out a few days later it had burst again. The surgeon came and looked and squeezed out more blood. At the moment it’s healed and I imagine it will remain so until after my review meeting with the surgeon on Monday…. Any suggestions? I'd really like to go swimming this summer, if we get a summer. Thanks

3 March 2013

These abscesses can be troublesome to cure of I am afraid. The only way to get rid of them is to cut them open, allow the pus to drain out, and then leave the area alone to heal up. It is not uncommon for them to return though. Hopefully it has now finally healed up since the last procedure, but only time will tell. If there is no sign of it coming back after a few weeks, then there is no reason why you cannot go swimming in a few months’ time.

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