Raised eosinophils

My eosinophils were at 14.0 and 1285 mm/3. I am 72 years old and I do have rhinitis and seasonal allergies. Is the high eosinophil count something I should worry about? My glucose level is at 108 and my total WBC is at 9.18. I have recently been under investigations for chest pains.

11 January 2017

We thank you for your question about raised eosinophils.

The white blood cell count (WBC) measures the number of white blood cells in a microliter of blood. Conditions that affect the production of white blood cells include infection, inflammation and diseases that affect the production and survival of white blood cells. The white blood cell differential - is a part of the white blood cell count and includes the five major types of leukocytes and these include:

  • neutrophils
  • eosinophils
  • basophils
  • monocytes
  • lymphocytes

A normal reference range for WBC’s is 5-10 x109 /L (SI Units). A normal reference range for eosinophils is 1-4% and 50-500 per mm3. It would appear that your eosinophils are raised. Raised eosinophils can be seen in allergic reactions like the ones that you have mentioned.

There are other conditions that can see a raised eosinophil count and these can be eczema, leukemia, auto-immune diseases and parasitic infections.

In this instance you would need to discuss the blood test results with your general practitioner to confirm that your raised eosinophils are related to your allergic conditions you have mentioned. Your WBC count appears to be in the normal reference range.

Please review the concerns that you might have with your general practitioner and we hope that no further action will be taken by your general practitioner.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses

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