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Say no to smoking: Mar'14

Dr Mark Winwood gives advice and answered questions on quitting smoking.

The great e-cigarette debate

An estimated 1.3million of us now use e-cigarettes in the UK, and their popularity is growing.

Smoke without tobacco: The e-cigarette debate

Could electronic cigarettes save the lives of millions...

Smoking and anxiety live chat: Mar'13

Expert Dr Mark Winwood joined our live chat to answer your questions.

Smoking and its effects 13.03.13

Expert Dr Mitra M Shahidi joined our live chat to answer your questions on smoking and its effects.

Coping with cravings

If you can control your cravings for a cigarette, you’ll boost your chances of quitting.

7 key times to quit smoking

Research shows that most smokers get motivated to quit very suddenly...

10 health benefits of stopping smoking

Exactly how does quitting make life better?

Stop smoking without putting on weight

You may be worried about gaining weight when you stop smoking...