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10 alternative ways to quit smoking

There are other ways to quit smoking. The key is finding what works for you.

Say no to smoking: Mar'14

Dr Mark Winwood gives advice and answered questions on quitting smoking.

The great e-cigarette debate

An estimated 1.3million of us now use e-cigarettes in the UK, and their popularity is growing.

Smoke without tobacco: The e-cigarette debate

Could electronic cigarettes save the lives of millions...

Smoking and anxiety live chat: Mar'13

Expert Dr Mark Winwood joined our live chat to answer your questions.

Smoking and its effects 13.03.13

Expert Dr Mitra M Shahidi joined our live chat to answer your questions on smoking and its effects.

Coping with cravings

If you can control your cravings for a cigarette, you’ll boost your chances of quitting.

7 key times to quit smoking

Research shows that most smokers get motivated to quit very suddenly...

10 health benefits of stopping smoking

Exactly how does quitting make life better?