Mumps at work

A colleague at work has been diagnosed with mumps and we have a pregnant employee within the office. Can you please let me know what precautions etc should be taken?

20 May 2013

Most people have been immunised against mumps, as it is part of the MMR vaccination given routinely to all children. If you have had mumps before then you can will not catch it again. It is not known to affect an unborn baby, but can cause a small increase in the risk of miscarriage. The pregnant lady should see her GP for a blood test if she thinks she may not be immune already. A person with mumps is contagious for a few days before the symptoms start and five days afterwards. It is important that the ill person stays at home for this time and away from anyone who has not been immunised (or never had the illness before). Anyone who thinks they may have not had the vaccine or illness before can see their doctor for a blood test to check and then be given the vaccination if needed.

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