Hormones and miscarriages

I have had 2 healthy pregnancies, a late miscarriage and multiple early miscarriages since. I have had clotting tests, chromosomal tests (with late miscarriage) and there seems to be no reason. Can hormones cause a miscarriage and if so what can be done about it- I am going to see my GP next week but they seem reluctant to do much because of my 2 healthy children.

8 March 2016

There are several possible causes of recurrent miscarriage ranging from genetic, infection and structural problems e.g with the womb or cervix. Hormones are not thought to be as much of a cause as first thought and no underlying cause is found in many cases. From the information you have given it appears as if your doctor has begun with some investigations and we would suggest you discuss possible further tests at your next visit.

Treatment if any will depend on the cause. In the meantime continue to stay as well and healthy as possible aiming to stay in optimum health for future pregnancies. Please see the link to the Miscarriage Association which provides support and information on miscarriage and more detailed information on recurrent miscarriage.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses  

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