Polyp or granuloma?

Hi, I am a member of the AXA PPP healthcare scheme through my employer, I visited my GP last week as I had developed a spot/growth inside my left nostril. The GP said it could be either a polyp or a granuloma. She said she would refer me to ENT to get it checked and removed. I am quite concerned about this and would like it to go down swiftly. It looks like I have a constant "snotter" in my nose and I am concerned. What advice can you give on this and would I get seen quickly with my AXA PPP healhcare plan?

23 September 2015

As you have been given a referral by your GP to an ear, nose and throat specialist we would ask if you could please contact you claims team directly to set up a claim. One of our advisors will need to ask you a few questions to check the eligibility and go through the benefits you have. Provided your claim is approved, we do have a dedicated team called our fast track appointments team who would be able to source a specialist local to you and also book the appointment with a specialist if you would like us to.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses  

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