Persistent throat discomfort

For nearly 4 months, my throat has felt sore or constricted and these feelings seem to alternate. It started when I was clearing up after having a waste pipe replaced at home which I believe was made of glass-fibre reinforced cement and although there was no visible fibres/dust when I was sweeping up, this is when my throat started feeling sore. I have been to the doctor's twice, the second time was after 2 months and he said there was no infection and that my body would get rid of anything which shouldn't be there so I would like to know how long this process could take, if there could be permanent damage or if there are any medical procedures which could assist recovery?

14 November 2016

Any debris or dust inhaled into the throat or lungs are usually expelled by the body within a matter of days and usually cause no problems. If the discomfort is persisting and there is no visible irritation noted in the throat on examination and no diagnosis made then it will be very difficult to predict how long this will persist or what to take to speed recovery. We would suggest follow up with your GP again and discuss referral to an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist to assess why these sensations persist. The discomfort may be related to something in the upper respiratory tract or be gastric in nature, both can lead to a sore throat and feelings of constriction, so an endoscopy may be needed to get to a diagnosis. Hopefully this will help you,

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses

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