My ear is still numb after having local anaesthetic

I had a cyst removed from my neck 2 days ago under local anaesthetic, my ear is still numb almost 2 days later, there is still a dressing over the wound, is this normal?

26 March 2014

Sorry to hear you had recent surgery. I believe that the numbness of the ear following neck surgery is not uncommon. This could be related to the local anaesthetic or to the incision around the neck area, or even both. The sensation in your ear should come back in the next few days or so.

Pending on the type of surgery, some patients may experience the ear numbness even up to 2-3 months. I would suggest to discuss with your GP or Surgeon so they can advise based on the information they have regarding your own medical circumstances. I hope you will get better soon.

Answered by Health at Hand nurses.


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