Own Your Fears – Jay Jay’s story

14 January 2018

Jay Jay has had her fair share of setbacks in life. You wouldn’t know it, from the bubbly and enthusiastic lady we met as she meditated in her fairy tale back garden. A few years ago, she was in an accident that left her temporarily paralysed from the waist down which, understandably, left her with the fear of being trapped inside her own body and isolated from society.

A few years later – through determination and healthy living – she’s been able to regain the majority of her mobility. She firmly believes that her fears impact her life positively, making her stronger and more resilient.

Inspired by Jay Jay, we’ve developed an online guide to help you turn your fears into motivation.

To find out how we can help you get back on your feet, visit our musculoskeletal hub.

And if you want to #OwnYourFears, you can learn more here

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