Badly bruised knee

A few weeks ago I bruised my knee badly. It didn't hinder my movements but was tender to touch. A few days ago, I bent the knee as far as I could and was rewarded with a tearing sensation. Since the knee has swollen and become almost unbearably painful at times. Lying down or sitting seems to just make it worse - I am walking with a stick and am unable to put weight on that leg and am hobbling. The back of my knee is also painful not just the front.

19 October 2015

From what you describe it sounds like you have possibly sustained an injury to the Meniscus in your knee. The meniscus is a cartilage that cautions the knee in two areas and this can be torn by twisting or over rotation of the knee joint. This ailment is often sustained by sports people.

The symptoms include those that you are experiencing- swelling, pain, difficulty mobilizing as well as a pop or tear sensation. Diagnosis is often done by means of X-ray and MRI scan.

Treatment in the meantime can include analgesia, anti- inflammatories, ice and rest . a support bandage may also help. Other treatment if needed could involve surgery or physiotherapy. We would suggest you seeing your doctor as soon as possible to obtain a diagnosis and treatment and referral for further care as necessary.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses  

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