Twisted my ankle

Two weeks ago I twisted my ankle. It was fairly swollen and painful at the time but I didn't go to a doctor as i thought it would just get better on it's own. Just under 2 years ago I severely twisted the same ankle which resulted in me having to wear a medical boot and use crutches for 2 months, whilst also receiving physio to regain my strength. The twist is definitely not as severe this time as I can walk on it fairly normally, though I do get some small pain in the sole of my foot and a short way up my calf when I go down the stairs. Currently my ankle is swollen and sore and I think it needs to be looked at, however my GP's next general appointment is not until 26th October and I don't think I should be going to A&E with this injury! Can you suggest what steps i should take next as I think it does probably need to be looked at by someone. Many thanks.

1 October 2015

We can see that you have had a previous injury to the same ankle which responded well to physiotherapy  and treatment, depending on the nature of that injury it could however lead to some ongoing weakness in the same area which might have contributed to the recent strain. From the symptoms you describe it is possible that there has been some trauma to the ligaments in your ankle and possibly some tendon including the Achilles tendon involvement too. Any trauma of this nature can cause inflammation, swelling, and pain which can also refer outside of the immediate area involved. 

It does seem sensible to have a thorough examination particularly in view of your previous problem with the same foot. If you are unable to obtain an urgent appointment with your own GP you might like to visit the NHS homepage. This is an NHS website where you will find a search facility for urgent care/ walk in centres close to where you live. You can input your postcode and it will provide you with the nearest centres to your home, these are usually open from 08-00 until 20-00 or later 7 days a week, you do not have to be registered there and can be seen on the same day you attend by a medical practitioner who will be able to diagnose and recommend treatment. 

Should you prefer to see your GP however you might like to request a telephone appointment with your GP, these are usually performed on the same day, this would give you an opportunity to explain the problem and your difficulty in obtaining an appointment and if able your GP may be able to arrange to see later in the day or the following one.  In the meantime, with any injury of this nature it is important to rest and elevate your foot as much as possible, apply ice to any swelling and take regular analgesics. 

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses  

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