What do you think about surgery as a cure for a bunion?

I have been diagnosed with marked OA in my foot which has resulted in a bunion and I suffer daily when on my feet also with finding comfortable shoes. My GP advises that surgery is not the usual route these days unless in cases where the patient is diabetic etc.

I am considering going down the private route what do you think about surgery as a cure for a bunion? (I am an active 47yr old and the OA is a result of an old injury)

2 October 2014

Surgery should always be a last resort with any condition. A Chiropodist would be able to suggest many treatments that would at least delay the need for surgical intervention.

Once all other options have been exhausted a consultants opinion would be sought, and options discussed. There are different surgical options available and the one chosen will depend on the position of the Bunion, its severity your OA would also be a factor.

The surgical options include trimming, joint replacement or a scarf Osteotomy. The options need to be considered and your consultant will explain which procedure is right for you. However as with all surgery the success varies from person to person.

Answered by Health at Hand nurses.


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