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Bill asked...

I have pain in the lower left hand quandrant of my back. It is sore to press against. I have been to my GP twice over a 2 week period. - She prescribed Ibuprofen. I also requested that she checked a urine sample for me because the pain seems to be coming from my left kidney. This came back clear. It is sore even when breathing in this one area. I am fit and active and have been trying to carry on with exercise but this constant pain is wareing me down.

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The Answer

The pain in your left lower back may be related to a muscle strain or inflammation of muscles or tendons in that area, especially if this area is tender to touch. Your GP has ruled out urine/kidney infection which is good. Inflammation can be improved by taking regular ibuprofen and is usually needed to be taken regularly for 2-3 weeks to reduce any inflammation. 

If you have ongoing pain you may want to consider regular pain medication used in conjunction with ibuprofen this should be discussed with your GP who also may consider referral to a physiotherapist for evaluation as pain/strain may be related to your exercise. Hopefully this will help you.

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