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How to avoid pain on a plane

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While holidays can be great stress-relievers, the change from your normal routine and hours spent travelling can sometimes take a toll on your body.

So take care when wearing flip flops instead of your usual footwear, carrying heavy bags or negotiating sand dunes to get to the beach, and here are some tips for surviving the sedentary hours to get to your dream location…

How can holidays or days out cause joint problems?

When you’re off relaxing or enjoying yourself at the beach or in the countryside, surely you’re looking after your health by taking time out?

Whilst this is certainly true for easing stress issues, it’s the change in activities and habits that can result in your joints suffering. For example, wearing flip flops instead of your usual footwear, being more active, carrying heavy bags or negotiating sand dunes every day to get to the beach can all take their toll on your joints.

“Even the trip to and from your destination can be hazardous, as prolonged periods of sitting on a plane, car or bus, along with short bursts of lugging heavy bags or equipment is a recipe for problems,” says Dr Wright.

Looking after your joints when travelling

When you’re travelling on long journeys, do what you can to look after yourself by following our tips for avoiding back pain on long car journeys and our handy graphic below which shows how to prevent or manage back pain while flying.


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