Daily Yoga for Back

9 April 2013

This App gives the user a clear guide of how to perform yoga exercises to help maintain back posture, strength and mobility.  There is a video illustration for each exercise with a timer showing how long each exercise should take.

A 10, 15 or 20 minute programme can be selected and each will guide you through a timed workout. You do need to keep an eye on the screen and follow the instructions, which is not easy when trying to do the exercises for the first time, although once the particular exercise positions are mastered, then looking at the screen is only needed for prompting or reminding.  

There is a section which shows individual exercises being performed rather than as part of the timed programme, so this may be easier for a beginner to learn the techniques involved in yoga.  A choice of calming music can be selected for your workout to set you in the right mood.  

There is no doubt that some of the moves are complex and will require flexibility and strength, so don't expect to be able to complete all of the exercises at first. These exercise videos are helpful but should not be seen as a replacement for proper guidance given by a trained yoga instructor.  

It is well known that regular strengthening and mobility exercises can help maintain good posture and may prevent episodes of postural back pain.  Yoga exercises are slow, controlled movements so are unlikely to cause injury, although those who suffer with back problems should still check with their doctor or physical therapist before attempting unaccustomed exercise. 

This App provides a useful list of yoga exercises through video instruction with the aim of maintaining good back strength, posture and flexibility. A 10, 15 or 20 minute programme can also be selected with a selection of accompanying calming music. This is a useful aid for a regular Yoga Back Care workout.  
App rating 4/5

Dr Alasdair Wright