Pain in right hand

I went to the doctor this week as I have had pain in my right hand. The muscles between the thumb and forefinger are slightly swollen and I get a shooting pain when I stretch my right arm right up my thumb. Over the last few days I can feel the same pain coming in my left hand. I also get a shooting pain in both ankles when I raise my legs. I have been suffering with some back pain and I'm wondering if they are related?

10 January 2016

Pain in hands and ankles are most of the time related to muscular skeletal conditions or inflammation of the ligaments/tendons in the affected areas. You mentioned that you suffer from back pain. Sometimes, it is possible that these can be related as the main root nerves controlling our arms and legs are located in the spine.

Often there is a trapped nerve in the neck or lower back areas affecting the arms or legs, accordingly. These symptoms can be helped with pain killers, heat therapy or physiotherapy. We suggest you arrange an appointment with your GP in case your symptoms do not settle or worsen. He might refer you to a specialist if he needs to or he can request further investigations.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses  

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