I tripped and fell heavily on my wrist

I tripped and fell heavily on my wrist and am able to form a fist but squeezing hard hurts & if bent forward or back it is sore. I am able to use the gears in my car but it is sore. It is not overly swollen.

23 February 2017

Thank you for contacting us and I’m sorry to hear about your fall.

When one falls the initial reaction is to stretch our arms and hands to try and stop the fall. This often leads to injury of the wrist area.

Considering that there was a fall involved it would be wise to rule out any potential fractures. The best way to do this would be to visit an A&E or a local Walk in Centre so that X-rays can be performed.

Whilst the fact that you can move and still use your hand (despite being painful) is a good sign, it is worth noting some signs to look out for. If at any point in time you start feeling numbness of the fingers or loose function in them you should visit your local A&E as soon as possible.

For the meantime, take some over the counter painkillers, apply some ice and elevate your hand as much as you can.

Find further info about wrist injuries in the links below:

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