I think I may need a hip operation

I am at the stage of getting an appointment for a hip op. i.e. Xrays show bone on bone but I only have stiffness and do not take any pain killers. I can only walk to my car and without it I could not do much. If I did not have banisters I could not climb the stairs. I am 84 years old and otherwise in good health. Question should I risk the op in the hope I will be more mobile? My blood pressure on average is 100 over 50 pulse 60. Many thanks. I feel 40 years old from the waist up and 100 from the waist down! I live on my own, no relatives or friends able to help, and I wish to continue to be independent.

24 October 2013

Making the decision to go ahead with a hip replacement operation is never going to be easy. Only you can decide, if and when, the benefits of the operation outweigh the risks. Your surgeon would not have offered you the operation if it was not likely to be beneficial to your mobility.

It sounds like you are otherwise very healthy, which is an excellent start should you choose to go ahead. Why don’t you discuss the risks and benefits with your doctor again? Make sure you are fully informed before you make the final decision. You can always delay the operation and decision making for a bit until you are completely ready (and you can always change your mind).

Answered by Dr Emmajane Down.


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