Aching ankle joints and swelling

I have aching ankle joints and some swelling which tends to be worse after walking etc. However, and more uncomfortable, I wake in the night after a couple of hours sleep with very warm legs and sometimes sweating. Had blood tests which show 'no action required ' by the go. Had x ray on both ankles. No results yet and scheduled some physio. Any ideas.

23 January 2017

Thank you for your question.

As you are currently waiting for the results of X-rays on your ankle area, it would be difficult to suggest anything which may be of benefit at the moment.

The X-ray results could show a reason for your symptoms, and a treatment or management plan could then be discussed with you by your GP.

Physiotherapy would seem like an appropriate interaction as this will provide a full assessment and range of movement that you currently have. The Physiotherapist may also suggest exercises to help assist with your current symptoms, but again this may be dependent on the awaited results.

In the interim period of waiting for your results, there are suggestions to be made which may help your symptoms;

  • During the night, keep the covers loose around the feet & lower leg area, or ensure light coverage to prevent the areas getting too hot.
  • When swelling occurs, elevate he area (higher than your heart), to assist with reduction of swollen areas.
  • If swelling persists, it may be suggested to apply a cool pack or if you do not have one, a bag of crushed ice or frozen peas to the area, (frozen peas being pliable in shape and usually accessible to most people). Please ensure that if using this method, that there is a fabric between your skin and the cool therapy as to prevent skin damage. Also please only apply the cool therapy for a maximum of 20 minutes at time, and do not use this method if you are going to sleep.

We hope that you get an answer for your current symptoms, and a treatment/management plan, and in the interim, this information may have provided some assistance.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses

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