• Muscles, bones and joints centre

    Musculoskeletal centre

    Many problems affecting your muscles, bones and joints can be managed effectively at home with the right kind of exercise, changes to your diet and first-aid techniques. But sometimes you need the help of a professional.

    That’s why we provide our members with quick access to our Working Body Service. The Working Body team can arrange a phone call with a physiotherapist about all types of conditions that affect bones, joints and muscles, to make sure you’re getting the help and treatment that’s right for you. You don’t even need to see your GP first.

    • Back pain

      Back care

      According to Arthritis Research UK, 1 in 3 people in the UK suffer from back pain. Start your journey on the road to recovery now.

    • Knee

      Looking after your knees

      If you have knee pain, surgery should be a last resort. Find out more about the options available here.


    • Foot and ankle

      Foot and ankle problems

      Wear and tear can take a toll. For happy feet and ankles, start with some decent footwear...


    • Shoulders, head and neck

      Shoulders, neck and head

      Are long hours at a screen giving you a headache? Don’t let your tech be a pain in the neck.


    • Common conditions

      Common conditions

      From tennis elbow and tendonitis to carpal tunnel and plantar fasciitis, we’re here to help…


    • Focus on arthritis

      Focus on arthritis

      10 million people in the UK will be diagnosed with some form of arthritis in their lifetime.


    • Sports

      Sport injury

      Sport can be great for your physical and mental health. Here are tips to treat and avoid injury.



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