• Muscles, bones and joints centre

    Muscles, bones and joints centre

    Many problems affecting your muscles, bones and joints can be managed at home with the right kind of exercise, changes to your diet and first-aid techniques. But sometimes you need the help of a professional.

    That’s why we provide our members with quick access to see a specialist, without a GP referral. Speak to one of our Personal Advisers about the Working Body Service and they’ll put you in touch with someone who can help.

    • Don't let driving be a pain in the back

      How driving affects your back

      Frequently spending hours in your car could have a bad impact on your back.

      Driving with back pain

    • boost-your-bone-power-promo

      The truth about back pain

      Understanding how to approach and think about back pain puts you back in control, giving you the confidence to live your life and get back to being you.

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    • Exercises for a healthy back

      Exercises for a healthy back

      Find out ten back and core exercises and stretches recommended by physiotherapists to help lower back pain.

      Back exercises

    • hula-hoop exercise

      Working Body: keeping you moving

      Our members can now arrange a phone call with a qualified physiotherapist as soon as they feel an ache or pain, without the need to see their GP first. 

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